Deep Tissue Massage

A massage is an excellent way to relax or relieve muscle tension and pain. However, more massage types are cropping up every day, and keeping up with the terminology can take a lot of work.

This leads to many questions, especially about the most popular type of massage — the deep tissue massage.

Read on to find out what a deep tissue massage is and if it’s the right option for you.

What Happens During a Deep Tissue Massage?

Let’s cut right to the chase — a deep tissue massage involves the therapist performing powerful, long motions along the client’s body. These motions go against the muscle grain and help break down muscle knots and adhesions.

Physically breaking apart these painful formations in the muscles relieves pain, improves circulation, and subsequently eases stress and headaches.

The practice mainly helps chronically tense neck, shoulders, and lower back areas. It’s also particularly effective for relieving and alleviating chronic muscle pain.

Overall, you can expect long, slow, and firm motions around the tensest parts of your body. There will also be some friction movements around those areas.

All this is done to loosen tension, improve mobility, relieve pain, and alleviate stress.

Who Is a Deep Tissue Massage For?

This massage has a variety of benefits, and most people would enjoy at least one of them. That said, certain groups will get more out of this massage than others.

One such group includes anyone who experiences chronic muscle pain due to any cause. Another group includes repetitive strain injury sufferers.

People in either of these groups are likely to experience tension-related pain that can significantly reduce their mobility and impede their daily life. This type of is a fantastic drug-free relief for them.

Those recovering from injuries will also benefit from the massage as it helps keep inflammation in check. Inflammation might be the body’s natural response to injury, but it also causes long-term pain and loss of mobility.

Finally, anyone who works a high-stress job or spends most of their day in a single position, whether sitting or standing, will benefit from the release of tension and adhesion provided by deep tissue massage.

However, this type of massage isn’t the best option for those looking for pure relaxation or simple stress relief. If that’s you, Nuru or Asian massage might be a better option.


Deep tissue massage is ever more popular in a society where many work long hours and experience repetitive strain injuries and stiffness from sitting or standing all day long. It’s a versatile option we recommend for both first-timers and massage enthusiasts.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you think a deep tissue massage is right for you, you can book one with us at AsianMassage2Hotel and receive one from the best luxury Asian massage therapists in Vegas. If you’d rather get a massage with your partner than solo, consider booking a couples massage instead.