Happy Ending Massage3

If you’re wondering, What is a happy ending massage? you’re definitely not the only one. Although it’s been around for centuries, this massage type is still considered taboo in most cultures.

Read on to learn what makes it special.

What Is a Happy Ending at a Massage Parlor?

A happy ending massage starts just like any other full-body treatment. In short, a masseur or a masseuse rubs down your naked body from head to toe.

Most pros pay special attention to your back, arms, and legs. Like with most massage types, the goal is to relax your body and get rid of any stiffness.

Now, the finale is where things get fun. As you might have guessed already, the happy ending bit refers to the client receiving sexual pleasure as the massage comes to a close.

In most cases, that includes an orgasm, generally from oral or hand stimulation.

It’s important to note that the massage therapist usually doesn’t have penetrative sex with the client. Plus, the client keeps their hands to themselves, as the experience (typically) isn’t supposed to be mutual.

What Are the Benefits of a Happy Ending Massage?

As with any type of massage, a rubdown with a happy ending will help you relax. It’s also a great way to tackle any muscle stiffness and pain in your limbs and improve circulation.

However, the happy ending comes with its own potential benefits that take the whole experience to a new level. These include:

  • A confidence boost
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved mental health
  • Higher sex drive
  • A deeper connection with your spiritual side

Aside from these, a happy ending massage can be a great experience for couples, especially when guided by a professional.

What Types of a Happy Ending Massage Can You Get?

Generally, any massage can have a happy ending if both you and your masseuse or masseur agree to it. You can even DIY the whole thing and have some fun with your partner at home.

But in a professional massage parlor, a happy ending usually occurs during one of the following massage types:

  • Japanese Nuru massage
  • Asian 4-hand massage
  • Asian full-body massage

We’ll delve a bit deeper into each type below.

Japanese Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage first originated in Japan, and it’s one of the most sensual rubdowns you can get.

Namely, a therapist massages you using not just their hands, but their whole naked body.

Before starting, they rub essential oils and nori seaweed gel on themselves. That way, their bodies can easily slide off yours, making everything more pleasant.

Although it sounds simple, not everyone can give an actual Nuru massage. For one, it takes a lot of stamina and strength, as it usually lasts an hour.

Plus, Nuru therapists undergo special training to be able to put the right amount of pressure on your body with their own, as it takes a lot of skill.

In most cases, a happy ending is guaranteed during a Nuru massage. Still, if you don’t want it, you can specify that before making your appointment.

Like in most happy ending massages, you’ll be the only one having an orgasm, and there will be no penetrative sex.

Asian 4-Hand Massage

The 4-hand massage has a pretty apt name — it includes two massage therapists rubbing you down from head to toe at the same time.

They are in sync the whole session, applying the same amount of pressure and using identical moves.

As you can imagine, this massage is quite overwhelming for the senses. You’ll go into overdrive quickly, and the orgasm at the end will bring it all to a head — quite literally.

The main goal is for the sensations to be so strong that your brain simply shuts down. Then, you get to enjoy the physical aspects of the massage without overthinking or stress.

Asian Full-Body Massage

Finally, there is the tried-and-true full-body massage.

It’s similar to Nuru, but the masseuse or masseur touches you with their hands alone. Usually, everything ends with some good-old hand action below the waist.

The whole thing typically lasts between 30 minutes and a full hour, depending on what you book.

Also, you can usually choose whether you want the focus to be on a certain part of your body or just go for overall relaxation as the main goal. Either way, the key is to talk to your massage therapist and come up with a game plan before you begin.

Where Can You Get a Happy Ending Massage?

Before you book your first massage, it’s important to note that not all parlors offer happy endings. In fact, very few of them do.

Most just offer full-body or Nuru massage without the more sensual finish.

However, there are professional massage services that offer the happy ending you’re craving. Notably, AsianMassage2Hotel services the Las Vegas area, and it’s open 24/7 — even for couples.

Everything is pretty straightforward. The parlor will send massage therapists to an address of your choosing — be it your home or a hotel room — and they will perform your rubdown there.

Just book an appointment, choose a location, lie back, and enjoy the rest. Plus, you won’t be seen entering a sensual massage parlor or have to drive back home all woozy afterward.

Now that you know the answer to the question, What is a happy ending in a massage? you can start having some real fun. So, book a session, get comfortable, and wait ‘till you see stars!