Nuru Massage Featured

The erotic massage scene offers a variety of different experiences — many parts of the world have their own takes on the idea. Chief among these is the Japanese Nuru massage — an exotic-sounding name, but not particularly descriptive if you’re from the West.

Read on to find out what the name means, what a Nuru massage is, and whether it’s the right option for you.

What Does Nuru Mean?

The name is an excellent hint — nuru is the Japanese word for slippery. As it turns out, the massage originated in Japanese parlors and was named as such due to the usage of a special slippery oil made from seaweed.

So, it isn’t just an exotic term to entice customers — a Nuru massage is entirely different from your usual erotic massage. But what exactly happens behind the curtain?

What Happens During a Nuru Massage?

Let’s cut right to the chase.

During a Nuru massage, the therapist and the client strip down fully naked and cover themselves in the slippery Nuru oil. The oil is odorless, colorless, and sleek — it’s also completely natural, as it’s made from nori seaweed.

Then, the therapist will use their whole body to apply pressure and massage the client.

The oil makes the entire experience very sensual. Therefore, on top of the usual benefits of a massage, such as the release of muscle knots, Nuru massage is even better at improving circulation.

It might just be the best type of massage for alleviating stress. That is why the benefits of a Nuru massage are even broader and more varied than those of a regular massage.

As the massage ends, the therapist usually gives the experience a happy ending by pushing the client to orgasm. This gives way to a final release of stress and tension, ensuring the client’s immediate relief and a drop in anxiety.

Who Is Nuru Massage For?

Despite its erotic nature, this massage isn’t only good for relieving sexual tension. Intimacy, and by extension, physical touch and orgasm, release oxytocin and dopamine.

These hormones immediately bust any stress you’ve been experiencing and lead to a rush of positive emotions.

Additionally, despite popular belief, erotic massage and, by extension, Nuru massage, is not only for men.

People of all genders and sexual orientations can and will benefit from it, as the sensual experience has, as we’ve already mentioned, a chemically positive effect on the body and mind.

However, a Nuru massage might not be the best option if you’re experiencing chronic pain and looking for purely physical relief. While the therapist still applies pressure and massages out muscle knots, a much bigger emphasis is put on physical closeness and the overall sensual experience.

If you’re looking just for physical relief from tension or chronic muscle pain, a deep tissue or Asian massage might be a better fit for you.


Nuru massage is quickly gaining popularity in the Western world, with 40% of London men reporting that they experienced one in the past six months.

When we consider that 83% of those who’ve tried one saw an improvement in their overall well-being after the experience, it’s not hard to see why.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you think a Nuru massage is right for you, you can book one with us at AsianMassage2Hotel and receive one from the best luxury Asian massage therapists in Vegas.