Four Hand Massage

In the wellness world, few massage types stand out as special and unique. Some examples that come to mind might be the sensual Nuru or the incredibly intimate couples massage. Another unique option is the four hands massage — exotic-sounding for sure, but what is it?

Read on to find out what a four hands massage is, how it affects the body, and who’ll get the most out of one!

What Happens During a Four Hands Massage?

As you might have guessed, a four hands massage relies on one main selling point — double the therapists, double the relaxation. That’s right, during a four hands massage, two therapists will work on your body, simultaneously.

This makes persistent muscle knots much easier to break down and ensures that your whole body gets the attention it needs. Having four hands on you instead of two means that multiple problem areas can be worked on simultaneously. As such, you won’t be taken out of a relaxing back massage by tension or pain in your legs or neck.

Make no mistake; just because the therapists can divide the work among themselves doesn’t mean they’ll slack off — quite the opposite! Since they can work together or separately, you’ll see more benefit from a four hands massage than a regular one of the same length.

Besides the usual benefits, such as breaking apart muscle knots and relieving stress, this massage can grant you even more profound relaxation. Namely, your brain likes knowing what’s happening around you, so during a regular massage, it’ll try to follow the therapist’s hands on your body.

During a four hands massage, however, it’ll quickly give up. As a result, you’ll completely zone out and just enjoy the feeling, leading to even deeper bliss than what’s usually provided by other massage types.

Who Is a Four Hands Massage For?

Most people will see significant benefits from a four hands massage, but certain groups will see more pronounced effects. In particular, those who struggle to relax during a usual massage will find it much easier to do so during a four hands massage.

Your brain can’t follow it all and will let you zone out, making this massage a no-brainer (pun intended) for you.

If you suffer from pain and tension in multiple areas, four hands massage will be a great way to get more over the same amount of time. The same goes if you’re strapped for time!

If you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or pure relaxation, though, you might want to look into different massage types. For example, deep tissue massage is fantastic for relieving chronic muscle pain and easing inflammation, while Nuru and erotic massage are perfect for letting go of stress and pent-up sexual tension.


Four hands massage is an excellent choice for most, and it’s one that you can’t go wrong with. Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation or relief from pain and tension caused by pesky muscle knots, you’ll get it with this massage type.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you think a Four Hands massage is right for you, you can book one with us at AsianMassage2Hotel and receive one from the best luxury Asian massage therapists in Vegas. If you’d rather get a massage with your partner than solo, consider booking a couples massage instead.